Slide and Fold Glass Partition System

| Slide and Fold Glass Partition |

Your Flexible Partition. Whenever You Need It.

Make the most out of any floor plan with this movable glass partition system. Create instant glass partitions without stifling your sense of space. When you don’t need it, fold the glass panels away and combine both areas into one enlarged space!

*PSB Tested*


Aluminium Main Top Track

Glass Door Panels with Top and Bottom Clamps

304 Stainless Steel Hinges

Clip Seals (To cover gaps between the glass panels)

Floor Lock Bolt

Floor Latches

Floor Keeper Cups



Room/Office Partitions

Balcony Doors




Glass Options: 

10mm Clear Tempered Glass

12mm Clear Tempered Glass

Laminated Glass



Further Customizations:

Frosted/Sandblasted glass is available upon request

Customize the system with your desired colors for the main track and panel clamps​


Other Information:

Also available in wall-to-wall configuration

Additional wall or ceiling works may be required to bridge gaps for uneven surfaces


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