Claroflex® Slide

| Multi-Track Frameless Sliding Doors |

Unobstructed Vision. Spectacular Views.

Claroflex Slide transforms your living spaces with its innovative multi-track frameless sliding system. Experience new possibilities and configurations with its expandable tracks.

The Slide system has no vertical frames or hardware between panels making it perfect for those looking to maximize views from their home, office or shop front. With the lowest bottom track profile in the market, it is also perfect as a space divider for your interior.


  • Aluminium Main Top & Bottom Track
  • High Quality Dual Bearing Carriage (Supports up to 90kg)
  • PVC Clip Seals (Maximize water and air tightness between panels)
  • Sliding door latch
  • Customizable door hardware



  • Lowest bottom track for indoor spaces in the market (less than 10mm)
  • Surface mounted or sunken bottom tracks.
  • Central or side opening
  • Install in a straight line or L-shape configuration
  • Single action opening and closing



  • Balcony Glazing
  • Room/Office Partitions
  • Balcony Doors
  • Shopfronts
  • Patio / Roof Terrace
  • Restaurants


Glass Options: 

  • 10mm Clear Tempered Glass
  • 9.52mm Laminated Tempered Glass


Further Customizations:

  • Frosted/Sandblasted glass is available upon request
  • Customize the system with your desired colors for the main track and door sections


Other Information:

  • Also available in L-shape configuration
  • Additional wall or ceiling works may be required to bridge gaps or to even out surfaces

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