Euroglass EU1-1F

| Frameless Shower Screen with Wall-to-Glass Hinges |

Euroglass is a frameless shower enclosure series with bold lines that maximize the spaciousness of your bathroom. Choose from a wide range of handle options for the ultimate name in luxury.


1 Fix Panel & 1 Wall-Hung Swing Door



  • 2 x Euroglass Brass-Chrome Wall-to-Glass Hinges (EU1-T)
  • 1 x L-shape Towel Bar Handle
  • Aluminium U-Channels
  • Water Flippers (2-Sides)
  • Anti-fungal Silicone Sealant


Glass Options: 

8mm Clear Tempered Glass

10mm Clear Tempered Glass (Recommended)

12mm Clear Tempered Glass



1 Year Parts Warranty


Further Customizations:

Frosted/Sandblasted glass is available upon request


Other Information:

Shower kerbs or drop-in areas are required for this model. Concealed or exposed U-channels. For concealed U-channels, please engage a tiling specialist for preparatory works.



Further Options:

  • Fix panels may be done to full ceiling height for added rigidity.
  • Stainless steel stabilizer bars may be added for rigidity


How to Order:

Our products are made to order and can be customized to final site measurements and conditions. 

1. Send us bathroom or site photos through Whatsapp or the ‘Request for Quotation’ button below

2. Arrange for final site measurement

3. Deposit of 50% required to confirm job

4. Installation typically within 14 days

5. Remaining payment upon completion


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