Euroglass EU1T Hinge (24K Gold-Chrome)

| Wall Mounted Glass Door Hinges | 

Euroglass hinges are the perfect balance of form and function. Bold lines accentuate that luxurious look of spaciousness in your bathroom. 

Model: EU1T-PGC 


Wall Mounted Hinge for ‘Wall-to-Glass’ Swing Doors

Brass body with 24K-Gold Plated and Chrome Finish

304 Stainless steel Internal Components

Dual Action Hinges (Swing In or Out)

Maximum door leaf width 800mm 

Max Capacity: 45kg Per Pair of Hinges

Finishes Available:



Glass Suitability:

8mm Clear Tempered Glass

10mm Clear Tempered Glass (Recommended)

12mm Clear Tempered Glass



1 Year Warranty


Other Information:

Glass preparation cut out required

  • Price: S$160.00

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