• Olfa Toilet Seat - 1010 Tulipes Bleu

Olfa Toilet Seat - 1010 Tulipes Bleu

| Undisputed leader in toilet seats | 

Model: OLFA1010

Olfa seats are made with special beechwood making it very comfortable, hygenic and stylish. Natural materials are moulded at high temperatures to produce a durable and innovative finish. 

Olfa seats are manufactured in France using natural resins and heated to 160 degrees and compressed with a 400 ton press. The stunning result is a high density toilet seat fit for a throne! 


Comes with:

1 Toilet Seat 

1 Set of Accessories



Moulded beechwood toilet seat 

Wide and flat design emphazing user comfort

Highly Durable Finish

Wide Range of Stylish Printed Designs


Dimensions: Ariane Series

Pivot Centre to Centre: 155mm +/- 10mm


Product Care:

The smooth OLFA surface needs only a wipe with soapy water to protect against household germs. The special polyurethane lacquers are impervious to ultra violet light, guaranteeing the colours are maintained in perfect clarity. 



No warranty. Stock clearance. As is condition


Note: Actual colours may differ slightly due to print and colouring techniques


Once you’ve tried it, you won’t go back to plastic!



  • Price: S$130.00

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