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How Our Services Work

Our team of technicians work hard to respond to your needs and to complete your job effectively and efficiently. Our total charges consist of a House Call Fee and Parts Charges. A House Call Fee is charged for every new unit visited and includes labour charges for the first set. (Subsequent sets incur Additional Set Servicing charge)  Our team will recommend which, if any, parts may need to be replaced after assessing the situation. 

Dear valued customers, with effect from 1st September 2020 all repair services are subject to a minimum charge of $120 per trip including GST. Please refer below for a breakdown of house call fees and parts charges.


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Repair Service Charges                                   
Residential House Call (First Set) SGD 60
Additional Set Servicing SGD 25
Glass Breakage Replacement (Eatons Shower Screens Only) Call for Quotation
Silicone Removal & Reapplication*  
Frame & Frameless Shower Screen (One side) SGD 20 per meter*
Frameless Shower Screen with Glass Clips SGD 25 per meter*
*Subject to minimum charge of $120 per set  


Spare Parts (Frame Shower Screens)                    
Frame Shower Screen Rollers SGD 10
ShowerPlus Microadjuster SGD 12
ShowerPlus Large Guide SGD 9
ShowerPlus Small Guide SGD 7
ShowerLux Door Magnet Strip (per door) SGD 30
ShowerLux Door Bottom Water Seal (per door) SGD 20
ShowerLux Swing Door Pivot Block (per pivot set) SGD 30
Euroglide Roller (EG90 and EG180) SGD 35 


Spare Parts (Frameless Shower Screens)          
 Euroglass Wall-to-Glass Hinge EU1T SGD 65
Euroglass Glass-to-Glass Hinge EU2 SGD 80
Euroglass Glass-to-Glass Hinge EU135 SGD 90
Water Seal ‘h’ 8mm (2.2m) SGD 20
Water Seal ‘h’ 10mm (2.2m) SGD 20
Water Seal ‘135’ 10mm (2.2m) SGD 20
Water Seal ‘Bulb’ 10mm (2.2m) SGD 20 


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